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How to Get Around the Big Noisy Mess of Web Marketing

Video marketing is a flood of noise. For every decent video that does exactly as it promises, there are millions of dead-ends. So, how do video marketers get around the noise? How do they make their video relevant, rich, and successful? Below are some of the dynamics happening right now in video marketing, as seen and explored by a Digital Agency.

Have a Single Aesthetic Across the Board- and Stick to it

A video should not exist in a void. it should be part of a larger image. The strategy involves creating a singular aesthetic that the brand shares. If the brand is about personal communication from an enigmatic leader, then the videos should be personal stories. If the brand is about flash, the videos should have a professional look and feel like a big-budget music video.

Make Them Longer- Stronger- and a Whole Lot Better

The videos should be longer and stronger than the competitors. This is easier said than done, of course. A Digital Marketing Agency can help reduce the gap in quality by producing and marketing videos that are worth watching and sharing.

The current state of video marketing Search Engine Optimization is a whole lot similar to content and writing marketing a little under a decade ago. The short version of this evolution involves writing getting more streamlined. In the past, writing content marketing was flooded with cookie-cutter content. The rules were different. Bad content could quickly rise to the top. Google essentially updated this practice of SEO-cheating out of the system, and it systematically forced content to get better to be more relevant. This has only been a good thing for everyone. Video content is largely in the same place. There is just too much junk out there. When Google updates their video ranking practices (and they will) poor content will fall to the wayside.

There are millions of exceptions to this, as is seen by the many terrible videos that can be found online to this day and will forever remain around. But, the push towards higher quality is largely inevitable. Bad content will exist, but it won’t rank as high or as well for keywords. There will be a more definitive path for the rise of good SEO content across the board

Reach out to a digital agency to find some answers and to take action. Video marketing is, indeed, a total mess. In the right hands, video can rise above the crop and become the cream.

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